Comment system for Hugo
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# /**********************************************************************************
# * _author : Domeniko Gentner
# * _mail :
# * _repo :
# * _license : This project is under MIT License
# *********************************************************************************/
import re
from sys import stderr
from antispam import is_spam as spam, score
from flask import Blueprint, jsonify, request, make_response, redirect
from flask_cors import cross_origin
from sqlalchemy import exc
from labertasche.database import labertasche_db as db
from labertasche.helper import is_valid_json, default_timestamp, check_gravatar, export_location
from labertasche.mail import mail
from labertasche.models import TComments, TLocation, TEmail, TProjects
from labertasche.settings import Smileys
from secrets import compare_digest
# Blueprint
bp_comments = Blueprint("bp_comments", __name__, url_prefix='/comments')
# Route for adding new comments
@bp_comments.route("/<name>/new", methods=['POST'])
def check_and_insert_new_comment(name):
# Get project
project = db.session.query(TProjects).filter( == name).first()
# Check refferer, this is not bullet proof
if not compare_digest(request.origin, project.blogurl):
return make_response(jsonify(status="not-allowed"), 403)
if not project:
return make_response(jsonify(status="post-project-not-found"), 400)
if compare_digest(request.method, "POST"):
smileys = Smileys()
sender = mail()
# Check length of content and abort if too long or too short
if request.content_length > 2048:
return make_response(jsonify(status="post-max-length"), 400)
if request.content_length == 0:
return make_response(jsonify(status="post-min-length"), 400)
# get json from request
new_comment = request.json
# save and sanitize location, nice try, bitch
location = new_comment['location'].strip().replace('.', '')
# Validate json and check length again
if not is_valid_json(new_comment) or \
len(new_comment['content']) < 40 or \
len(new_comment['email']) < 5:
print("too short", file=stderr)
return make_response(jsonify(status='post-invalid-json'), 400)
# Strip any HTML from message body
tags = re.compile('<.*?>')
special = re.compile('[&].*[;]')
content = re.sub(tags, '', new_comment['content']).strip()
content = re.sub(special, '', content).strip()
# Convert smileys if enabled
if project.addon_smileys:
for key, value in smileys.smileys.items():
content = content.replace(key, value)
# Validate replied_to field is integer
replied_to = new_comment['replied_to']
if replied_to:
replied_to = int(replied_to)
# not a valid id at all
except ValueError:
return make_response(jsonify(status="bad-reply"), 400)
# Update values
new_comment.update({"content": content})
new_comment.update({"email": new_comment['email'].strip()})
new_comment.update({"location": location})
new_comment.update({"replied_to": replied_to})
# Check mail
if not sender.validate(new_comment['email']):
return make_response(jsonify(status='post-invalid-email'), 400)
# check for spam
is_spam = spam(new_comment['content'])
has_score = score(new_comment['content'])
# Insert mail into spam if detected, allow if listed as such
email = db.session.query(TEmail).filter( == new_comment['email']).first()
if not email:
if is_spam:
entry = {
"email": new_comment['email'],
"is_blocked": True,
"is_allowed": False
if email:
if not email.is_allowed:
is_spam = True
if email.is_allowed:
# This forces the comment to be not spam if the address is in the allowed list,
# but the commenter will still need to confirm it to avoid brute
# force attacks against this feature
is_spam = False
# Look for location
loc_query = db.session.query(TLocation) \
.filter(TLocation.location == new_comment['location'])
if loc_query.first():
# Location exists, set existing location id
new_comment.update({'location_id': loc_query.first().id_location})
# TComments does not have this field
# Insert new location
loc_table = {
'location': new_comment['location'],
'project_id': project.id_project
new_loc = TLocation(**loc_table)
new_comment.update({'location_id': new_loc.id_location})
# TComments does not have this field
# insert comment
# noinspection PyBroadException
if project.sendotp:
new_comment.update({"is_published": False})
new_comment.update({"is_published": True})
new_comment.update({"created_on": default_timestamp()})
new_comment.update({"is_spam": is_spam})
new_comment.update({"spam_score": has_score})
new_comment.update({"gravatar": check_gravatar(new_comment['email'],})
new_comment.update({"project_id": project.id_project})
t_comment = TComments(**new_comment)
# Send confirmation link and store returned value
if project.sendotp:
hashes = sender.send_confirmation_link(new_comment['email'],
setattr(t_comment, "confirmation", hashes[0])
setattr(t_comment, "deletion", hashes[1])
except exc.IntegrityError as e:
# Comment body exists, because content is unique
print(f"Duplicate from {request.environ['REMOTE_ADDR']}, error is:\n{e}", file=stderr)
return make_response(jsonify(status="post-duplicate"), 400)
except Exception: # must be at bottom
return make_response(jsonify(status="post-internal-server-error"), 400)
return make_response(jsonify(status="post-success",
sendotp=project.sendotp), 200)
# Route for confirming comments
@bp_comments.route("/<name>/confirm/<email_hash>", methods=['GET'])
def check_confirmation_link(name, email_hash):
comment = db.session.query(TComments).filter(TComments.confirmation == email_hash).first()
project = db.session.query(TProjects).filter( == name).first()
if comment:
location = db.session.query(TLocation).filter(TLocation.id_location == comment.location_id).first()
if compare_digest(comment.confirmation, email_hash):
comment.confirmation = None
if not comment.is_spam:
setattr(comment, "is_published", True)
url = f"{project.blogurl}{location.location}#comment_{comment.comments_id}"
return redirect(url)
return redirect(f"{project.blogurl}?cnf=true")
# Route for deleting comments
@bp_comments.route("<name>/delete/<email_hash>", methods=['GET'])
def check_deletion_link(name, email_hash):
project = db.session.query(TProjects).filter( == name).first()
comment = db.session.query(TComments).filter(TComments.deletion == email_hash).first()
if comment:
location = db.session.query(TLocation).filter(TLocation.id_location == comment.location_id).first()
if compare_digest(comment.deletion, email_hash):
url = f"{project.blogurl}?deleted=true"
return redirect(url)
return redirect(f"{project.blogurl}?cnf=true")