MAC address vendor lookup via the official database
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import sys
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from os import stat, mkdir
from os.path import isfile, expanduser, isdir
from re import compile, match as rmatch, VERBOSE
from colorama import Fore, init
from requests import get as r_get
def download_oui_defs(fpath: str, force_dl=False) -> bool:
# file exists and is not older than 1 week
if (isfile(fpath) and stat(fpath).st_mtime > 604800) and not force_dl:
print(f"{Fore.CYAN}Definitions exist and file is less than one week old, omitting download")
return True
if force_dl:
print(f"{Fore.LIGHTRED_EX}Download forced, please wait...")
print(f"{Fore.CYAN}Definitions not found or too old, downloading file, please wait...")
r = r_get("")
if r.status_code == 200:
with open(fpath, "wb") as fp:
return True
print(f"{Fore.RED}Couldn't download oui definitions! HTTP status was {r.status_code}")
return False
def lookup(fpath: str, mac: str) -> bool:
vendor = mac[0:8].upper().replace(":", "-")
pattern = compile(r"""^[0-9A-F]{2} # match first octett at start of string
[-] # match literal -
[0-9A-F]{2} # match second otctett
[-] # match literal -
[0-9A-F]{2} # match third octett
.*$ # match until end of string""", flags=VERBOSE)
with open(fpath, "rb") as fp_read:
for line in fp_read:
match = rmatch(pattern, line.decode('utf8'))
if match:
entry =
entry = entry.split("\t")
oui = entry[0].split()[0]
name = entry[-1]
if vendor == oui:
print(f"{Fore.GREEN}{mac} belongs to {name}")
return True
print(f"{Fore.RED}Couldn't find oui {vendor}")
return False
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = ArgumentParser(description=" MAC vendor lookup")
parser.add_argument("mac", help="The MAC address to process")
parser.add_argument("--force", action="store_true", help="Force download of definitions file")
parser.add_argument("--file", help="Override where file is stored and/or use this definition file")
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.file:
f_path = args.file
if not isdir(expanduser("~/.oui")):
f_path = expanduser("~/.oui/oui.txt")
if not download_oui_defs(f_path, args.force):
if not lookup(f_path, args.mac):