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# Tweet2PNG
# Tweet2Hugo
This python script transforms tweets into png
This python script fetches the latest tweet of a public user from twitter and outputs a json file to Hugo's data
directory. This script expects two json files in `/etc/tw2hugo`, which should have `chmod 700` for a non-privileged
user and no rights for the group. All files should have `chmod 400`.
## Needed configuration files
"smtp-server": "mail server",
"smtp-port": 465,
"email-user": "username for smtp",
"email-sendfrom": "sender mail",
"email-password": "passw0rd",
"email-sendto": "receiving mail"
"bearer": "bearer token of your twitter app",
"twitter-handle": "twitter handle",
"output-location": "hugo base dir/data/latest_tweet.json"
## Why does it need email credentials?
The script has the specialty that sends an email when something goes wrong, so I am notifed and can fix the issue.
If you don't want that, simply open `mail/` and replace everyting in the init function with a simple `pass`.